Mindfulness is a Superhero Power

While not a revelation to people who meditate, I’ve realized that mindfulness is akin to a superhero power.

Mindfulness is as close as we can get to becoming a normal superhero

Mindfulness makes us able to detach and analyze situations without emotion. Recognizing our emotions ultimately leads to a better quality of life.

In an argument between people, the person who is mindful has a huge advantage over the person who cannot control their emotions. Consider a situation where someone cuts you off in line: your immediate reaction may be annoyance or anger. But reacting this way isn’t very effective in solving the problem. Even if you chase off the culprit in rage, isn’t your day already worse because you became upset?

For me, I have not become more mindful through meditation, at which I am a mere beginner. Through the years I simply learned through repetitively dealing with frustration, anger, and various emotions. Rather than , the faster approach is meditation or Stoic philosophy.

Becoming mindful is like becoming a more evolved species. It’s like having 30 extra years of wisdom. But the best analogy is having a superpower.

Engineer + teacher + gamer

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