Crypto is the Revolution of the Downtrodden

When I was younger, the presidential campaign of Ron Paul was an inspiration to millions of young people who saw the moral deterioration of the United States. The Constitutional values that made our country great was forgotten in the continual expansion of the federal government in warmongering and the Federal Reserve in controlling economic policy.

The financial crisis of 2008 was fixed by bailing out the banks and corporations, and destroying the worth of millions of poorer tax payers and indebted Americans. Nobody in the big banks went to jail, and the people who were the most irresponsible made out like bandits.

Yet the Wall Street bailouts of 2009 was but a canary in the coal mine for what happened in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the fundamental flaws in our economic system, but what did the government do? A massive stimulus that dwarves what happened in 2009, of which the overwhelming majority went to giant corporations that did not save for a raining day. The most irresponsible got rewarded, while the American people got $1200 each to last the entire year.

When the government prints trillions of dollars and give it to the wealthy, what happens to the bottom 50% of Americans? What happens to young Americans and poor people who have 0 stocks and no 401k retirement accounts that could not benefit from the stimulus to corporations?

In any reasonable world, someone who blew their money on random shit, spent irresponsibly, and didn’t save their income would be out on the streets. In America, the biggest companies who did the equivalent of blowing their income got rewarded and pampered by the Fed.

I never imagined we’d get another shot at a fair playing ground. But then I realized the solution was there all along: cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies, the most notorious of which is Bitcoin, is a digital invention based on sound money and Austrian economics. Its fundamental design of a hard limit to its supply means that fiat money systems can no longer print money infinitely to cover up their flaws.

Crypto is already the refuge of the persecuted in many countries around the world. It can become the gold standard 2.0 and vindicate Ron Paul. It is the rallying cry of the forgotten and the disenfranchised.

Crypto is the revolution of the downtrodden.

Engineer + teacher + gamer

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